posting blog via sms/mms

this is just a thought that posting via sms/mms is possible.
but, i dont know anything on programming….
so… just find some programmer try to translate this into php…

– have one mobile phone with sms/mms capability
– have it connected to your computer by usb/serial cable or irda/bluetooth
– have a program on your pc (that’s connected to internet) to ‘suck’ whatever come in to your phone in sms/mms
– have that program to upload the content to your blog via xmlrpc.


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2 responses to “posting blog via sms/mms

  1. afaik, the moblogging you mention is sending the blog through email. or mms to email.

    so, it’s not emailed to the host. since most blog host already support blogging via email, this is already a common feature.

    what i like to have is sending it in form of sms/mms directly.

    some operator have lower pricing for sms/mms (usually price counted per sms/mms sent) than email (usually count by the size in kb)

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