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1 Timotius 4:1-5 Tetapi Roh dengan tegas mengatakan bahwa di waktu-waktu kemudian, ada orang yang akan murtad lalu mengikuti roh-roh penyesat dan ajaran setan-setan
oleh tipu daya pendusta-pendusta yang hati nuraninya memakai cap mereka.
Mereka itu melarang orang kawin, melarang orang makan makanan yang diciptakan Allah supaya dengan pengucapan syukur dimakan oleh orang yang percaya dan yang telah mengenal kebenaran.
Karena semua yang diciptakan Allah itu baik dan suatu pun tidak ada yang haram, jika diterima dengan ucapan syukur,
sebab semuanya itu dikuduskan oleh firman Allah dan oleh doa.

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The above question is actually quite unreasonable. It is very much like someone who uses the Windows Operating System in his computer, asking whether Bill Gates really exist; or, a person who uses Apple products asking whether Steve Jobs really exist. Most people would agree that such would be foolish or ignorant questions. The products that these men have produced prove their existence.

Imagine if we are to question the existence of the person who created something exceedingly more advanced than Windows or Apple products. Even a gecko is more complex than any iPad or iPhone. If we magnify its feet thousands of times, we can see tiny suction cups that enable the gecko to walk upside down on the ceiling without falling. Man breathes with his lungs, and fish can absorb oxygen through its gills.

Irrefutably, the existence of heaven and earth proves the existence of a person of…

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