Augustine and Plato

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Wisdom and Knowledge

When I wrote “Digging Deeper Into Van Til and His Apologetic” a while back I commented that Plato had a huge influence on Augustine of Hippo who in turn had a huge influence on John Calvin. As I have continued to study this topic it has become clearer and clearer to me that Calvinism is Augustinianism with some fine tuning to fit John Calvin’s personal tastes.

This sort of thing is not something I would usually care about except that I listened to Charlie Clough’s Bible Framework series a few years back. Pastor Clough’s teaching is clear and powerful but it is based on Cornelius Van Til’s presuppositional apologetics which I have begun to have serious reservations about. Van Til held to the Westminster Confession of Faith (he was ordained in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) which is the most thorough systematic exposition of Calvinism that I know…

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