At last, Christian have some rights in Indiana. only fools #BoycottIndiana

“I understand the concerns that this bill could be used to discriminate against others, including but not limited to LGBT people,” Brown said. “But in reality, bills like this are desperately needed today, as fundamental American rights are being sacrificed at the altar of LGBT rights.”
— Michael Brown Ph.D

“Religious believers are finding that they need to take once unimaginable steps to protect their religious beliefs, What do you expect them to do when gay groups and liberals are suing florists and bakers and photographers all over the country?

“What Indiana is doing is a predictable response aimed at trying to protect the religious rights of religious believers, And when gay groups and liberals respond by boycotting and bullying, these believers will say, ‘See, I told you so.’
— Kengor”

“The core underlying problem is, the LGBT movement demands that sexual orientation be treated, legally and culturally, as identical to race and gender. That means, if you have a moral objection to participating, say as a photographer or baker, in the wedding of two homosexual men, you are the equivalent to a vile racist or Klansman. This moral equivalence between race and sexual orientation, which sounded OK to many in theory, now is coming under severe testing as it plays out in the real world. Americans, the vast majority of whom self-identify as Christians, don’t like being required to violate their core moral and religious values,”
— David Kupelian

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