Nobel Winner to Obama on Global Warming: ‘Mr. President, You’re Wrong’

“The biggest problem Obama faces is climate change? How can he say that?” Giaever asked. “I say this to Obama: ‘Excuse me, Mr. President, but you’re wrong.’ He is dead wrong…
“So global warming really starts with these two people: Al Gore and [former United Nations climate head Rajendra] Pachauri,” Giaever continued. “And what they did – they made this curve popular…And what did this curve measure? Well, this curve measures what is the average temperature for the world for a whole year…For one year. So there’s an average temperature for the whole Earth for one year and that measures in a fraction of a degree.
“So what does that mean? I think probably nothing. Let me talk about that again: From 1880 to 2015, the temperature has increased from 288 K [degrees Kelvin] to 288.8 K – 0.3 percent. I think the temperature has been amazingly stable.


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