Anak-anak ISIS dilatih memenggal kepala

A small child is shown in a video posted online singing a song about ISIS and sawing off the head of a doll.

The video was captured from the Internet by the Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors and analyzes media throughout the region.

Waving a long blade, the child, who is covered by Islamic garb for women, sings: “State of Islam, attack and defeat the religion of heresy and the gang of the military. Instill terror, exterminate the leftover remnants (of the army), and slaughter.”

Seorang anak dalam video menyanyikan lagu ISIS dan menggergaji kepala boneka.

Video tersebut diambil oleh Institut Riset Media Timur Tengah yang memonitor dan menganalisa media di wilayah Timur Tengah.

Menggunakan pisau panjang, anak yang memakai jilbab tersebut menyanyikan: “Negara Islam, serang dan kalahkan agama sesat dan geng militer. Sebarkan teror dan musnahkan dan bantai sisa militer.”

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