Stunner! Did global cooling impact Hurricane Harvey!

“They cooked the data to show this. There is a warm patch down in the southeast of England right now, but the rest of England is below normal temperatures. So it’s this cherry-picking of data and selectivity of data to push the agenda you’ve sold to the public,” said Ball.

NASA Senior Scientist Crushed Gore’s New Climate Change Book

Spencer, an award winning former NASA senior scientist for climate studies and a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, said he wrote the point-by-point rebuttal in two weeks after Gore’s Aug. 4 wide release of the documentary “An Inconvenient Sequel.”

Spencer, who continues to work with NASA on the U.S. Science Team, also gave a disparaging critique of Gore’s new movie, claiming it is rife with propaganda.

“After viewing Gore’s most recent movie, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,’ and after reading the book version of the movie, I was more than a little astounded,” Spencer said on his blog, Global Warming. “The new movie and book are chock-full of bad science, bad policy and factual errors.”

The leading climatologist and author of three previously published books on climate change contends Gore’s new documentary is just as bogus as its 2006 predecessor.

Spencer, seorang ilmuwan senior NASA pemenang penghargaan dalam studi iklim dan ilmuwan periset utama di Universitas Alabama di Huntsville, mengatakan dia menuliskan poin demi poin bantahan dalam dua minggu setelah Gore menerbitkan buku “An Inconvenient Sequel” pada 4 Agustus.

Spencer yang masih bekerja dengan NASA dalam Tim Sains Amerika, juga memberikan kritik bahwa film baru Gore penuh dengan propaganda, kesalahan sains, aturan dan fakta palsu.

Palestinians: Taking Journalist Hostage

Hamas and Abbas have turned Palestinian journalists into weapons in their internecine war. Palestinian journalists are now being targeted not only for expressing their views and reporting in a way that angers their leaders; they are also arrested and tortured in the process of the settling of scores between Abbas and Hamas.

Hamas dan Abbas menjadikan jurnalis Palestina sebagai senjata dalam konflik mereka yang saling merusak. Jurnalis Palestina kini tidak saja menjadi sasaran karena memaparkan pandangan mereka dan laporan yang membuat marah pemimpin mereka; mereka juga ditangkap, disiksa dalam proses saling membalas antara Abbas dan Hamas

coldcasechristianity : Why Would A Loving God Create A Place Like Hell?

Critics of Christianity have cited the hell’s existence as evidence against the loving nature of God, and Christians have sometimes struggled to respond to the objection. Why would a loving God create a place like Hell? Wouldn’t a God who would send people to a place of eternal punishment and torment be considered unloving by definition?