one link for download

i always use getright on windows to download almost everything. one of its greatest feature is that it can search and share url links on

another one is that it can download from bittorrent, http, ftp and https.

i cant find any other apps (in windows or linux) that have both these features.

in linux, aria2 come quite close.
i’ve been using aria2 for few months. it have support the great metalink protocol.

with metalink, there’ll be (almost) no single point of failure.

unless, all the servers down at the same time…

with metalink, you dont need to search for mirrors anymore.

all mirrors links is listed in the metalink xml file. including bittorrent and/or any other p2p links.

too bad, not much apps (yet) that support metalink.

and not one apps yet that support download from multiple p2p and ftp/http at once.

the closest ones are:

shareaza can download from multiple p2p, but not from http/ftp.

getright can download from bittorrent, ftp, http, https. but not from other p2p.

hope shareaza can put http/ftp/https download and metalink feature into their apps to build one killer download manager.

your own website free and easy!

my friend ask me how to build a website easily and free.

considering he’s just starting up and just testing and learning.
no serious web project yet.

he knows nothing about html and stuffs…
even installing windows he will need a guide when there’s options to choose.
so, pretty much a newbie here.

there’re lots of free host all over the web.
but, most of them require some html knowledge.

he tried geocities. all he can accomplish is few separated web pages.
he have no ideas how to link those pages in one menu on front page.

so i get him to try flock.
it’s pretty tricky to setup, for newbie like him.
but, he dont give up easily and gets things setup on blogger.
but, that’s no webpages!?!?
that’s a weblog.

for newbies like him…. they pretty much the same thing.
all he want is to have few pages on the web. that’s all….

there’re also pretty much good offline wysiwyg html editor like dreamweaver.
but, they’re not free. and buying such tools just to build few web pages is ridiculous.

i try to make him let me setup a drupal site for him so that he can easily add pages and stuffs into it.
especially with the free blogging tools will let any newbie easily publish content into drupal.
but he said that he want to do it all by himself….

so, right now he’s still trying flock and still trying hard…
we’ll see how it turns out….

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